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Training Scholarship Program & Application

One of the many benefits of APCO Membership is the opportunity to participate in the Scholarship Program. The WV APCO Scholarship Program provides funding of $150 to $1,500, to two (2) WV APCO Chapter Full-Members each year.

Scholarship funds may be used for any of the APCO Institute courses, Public Safety Telecommunicator National Conferences, State Conferences, 911 Goes to Washington, or any course and adjunct classes hosted by WV APCO. Books, tuition, registration costs, travel and lodging expenses can all be considered in the application.

The deadline to apply for the WV APCO Scholarship is 90-Days Prior to the proposed event or course.

If you’re not an APCO member, there is plenty of time to join! 

The Chapter Training Scholarship Program was established by the 2014 West Virginia APCO Conference Committee as a means for our Chapter to invest in our Public Safety Telecommunicators and the professional development of out 911 industry.

This effort affords 911 Professionals an eternal means of helping to develop and achieve our chapter mission and goals, as well as the overall success of 911. It ensures a method to facilitate the future for those who will follow in footsteps as leaders, mentors, and public safety communications professionals.

Scholarship funds are received through the Conference Committee and is administered by WV APCO. Funding comes from a portion of membership dues paid to APCO International and support from our Industry Partners & Sponsors. The scholarships are commonly disbursed for public safety topic-related training to 911 Telecommunicators in the form of two (2) scholarships ranging from $150 to $1,500; awarded at our annual State 911 Conference & Presidents Banquet.

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