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Welcome to WV TERT (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task-force)


Who does 9-1-1 call when 9-1-1 needs help?  

...They call the Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task-force!

The WV-TERT Team is a regional program comprised of public safety Telecommunicators who respond, relieve, assist 911 Centers and other critical infrastructure PSAP's affected by crisis and significant suspected or actual impact from natural or man-made disasters.

WV-TERT assists agencies with local incidents that do may or may not meet the guidelines for a, "large-scale" state or national disaster; and at no cost to the participating agencies.

WV-TERT Team Provides:

  • Quick deployment for immediate relief of exhausted 911 Staff and Communications Officials.

  • Maintains daily operations within the PSAP, or other necessary means and locations.

  • Supports PSAP staff to ensure continued public and first responder safety.

  • Adheres to all Local, State, and National APCO/NENA ANS 1.105.1-2009 Standards for TERT Deployment.

WV APCO Members wishing to become part of the TERT Team can apply by clicking the links above and submitting the required information. 

Applications will be processed by the WV APCO Executive Committee; WV PSAP Administrators, and WV DHSEM Staff. 


-Must be a Full-Member of WV APCO

-Must be affiliated Full Time or Part Time with a WV 911 Center / PSAP

-Must Submit a WV APCO Chapter Staff Application (link above) 

-Must Submit an Electronic Application via WV TERT Portal (link above)

-Must Submit Annual Dues for WV APCO TERT



  • Basic Public Safety Telecommunicator 

  • Emergency Medical Dispatcher

  • 1st Aid

  • Healthcare Provider CPR

  • NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800

  • FEMA IS-144 TERT Basic Training 


  • NIMS 300 & 400

  • Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

  • FEMA IS-1200 TERT Admin Training 

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